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Our Story

We are an online retail outlet of skateboards and land paddles, as well as makers of unique solid timber skateboards. Our business stems from a passion for the outdoors and a desire to bring new adventure to New Zealand.

As the NZ suppliers of Kahuna Creations longboards and land paddles, we can help you carve the pavement in style. Cruiser longboards, master-crafted boards built for long smooth arcs or straight up stability, are perfect for you, whether you are land paddling, street surfing or just cruising.

Kahuna Creations are the original inventors of the land paddle, a stick that is used to propel the rider and provide balance and support, much like the paddle in stand up paddle boarding. In fact, this is the land equivalent of SUP surfing, the ultimate cross training cousin. Street SUP is Kahuna's most fearless innovation for no-limits longboarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for commuter longboarding or an excellent work out.

Street SUP longboards are slightly longer and wider than a traditional cruiser skateboard, much like the SUP board is in relation to the surfboard. The user can ride with a regular, goofy or parallel foot stance, enabling stability and control without sacrificing maneuverability and performance. There is a board for every rider, from novice to pro. The boards are awesome classic cruisers in their own right, however partnering with a land paddle creates the ultimate rider experience.

Our own designed and fabricated skateboards are made from both recycled solid timber and offcuts that would normally be discarded. We hand craft boards in a range of shapes and sizes, replicating the classic longboard cruisers. The wood is quality hardwood timber. The timber includes recycled matai, rimu, kauri, as well as Victorian ash, Tasmanian oak, walnut, American white oak and ash, all of which are ethically procured. They are finished in a natural oil followed by a water based, non-slip product that allows function of the board but preserves the natural exposure of the timber grain. Each board is characteristically unique and beautiful.